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Crypto Legal Alliance Network (CLAN)

International alliance to protect and defend crypto professionals against state harassment & legal abuse.

About Us


There is a pattern of wrongful allegations and prosecutions against cryptocurrency professionals in what appears to be a widespread indication of state harassment.  Cryptocurrency professionals are being intimidated into guilty pleas for fear of mistreatment and wrongful convictions that would result in lengthy sentences in appalling conditions.

Subjects have been intimidated into guilty pleas, false statements and witness testimony.  The FBI has misused Interpol's database in order to harass and threaten individuals into confessing to crimes they have not committed.

We have established an alliance to help people who may have fallen foul of these state endorsed practices.  Whether you're facing US charges or arrest in Saudi, our network is here for strictly confidential advice, assistance and protection.


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Interpol Red Notice Removal

Governments are increasingly using Interpol as a weapon for harassment and extortion, with often crippling results.  We remove unfairly reported individuals from Interpol's database and take preventative measures to protect 'at risk' individuals.

Legal and Extradition Defense

We appoint and work with extradition lawyers to ensure they are equipped with the most workable arguments to defend clients against extradition.  We don't just defend though, we fight back using tribunals, the UN and diplomacy to ensure positive results.

Human Rights and Lobbying Help

State harassment, persecution, falsified charges, arbitrary arrests and forced confessions have become the tools of trade for overzealous authoritarian enforcement agencies looking for "quick wins".  We make sure they don't succeed by applying legal solutions, diplomacy and working with the media.


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“The only cryptocurrency legal defence organisation willing to stand up against state harassment, wrongful prosecution and the persecution of industry professionals“

Dr Jonathan Levy, Attorney

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