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We pursue client resolutions with tactical precision and diligence; mobilising resources from our legal, 

media, and political networks to fully control case narratives and to eliminate all possible obstacles to successful outcomes.


CLAN immediately conducts a multi- faceted strategic evaluation of a client’s situation to determine the most effective and powerful approach for a rapid solution tailored to their  specific needs and circumstances.


Once we takes action, the impact can be fast and turbulent; we adopt a fluid and flexible approach to safeguard our clients’ interests, and manage situational changes as they develop in real time.


We pursue client resolutions with tactical precision and diligence; mobilising resources from our legal, media, and political networks to fully control case narratives and to eliminate all possible obstacles to successful outcomes.


Whether in civil or criminal matters, we provide total case management;  supporting attorneys, identifying winning strategies, and coordinating all the moving parts of a legal battle, informed by our team's decades of multi-jurisdictional experience.


We draw upon years of media experience, crafting campaigns that achieve maximum reach and impact, and messaging meticulously interwoven with vast geopolitical expertise and keen attention to public sentiment to ensure popular resonance.


Leveraging Diplomacy.  Our reach within governments extends across 4 continents. We advise, liaise, and pressure elected officials and political power brokers to recruit active government involvement and intervention on behalf of our clients.


The integrated skills, knowledge, expertise and acumen of CLAN span a multiplicity of fields and disciplines, powered by decades of cumulative experience.  What is new, complex, and frightening for our clients is familiar, straight-forward, and imminently resolvable to us.


From first contact, our clients feel understood, cared about, and defended – because they are.  CLAN was founded out of sincere human concern for the plight of people suffering unjustly, and the spirit of this concern permeates everything we do.  Our clients’ welfare is paramount to us, and we stake our reputation on securing positive outcomes for every individual case we undertake.

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